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Skincare story:


Our 100% Natural Skincare has been a labor of love in our family from generation to generation. Our great-grandparents came from Finland to America through Ellis Island a century ago seeking a better life but also brought with them some valuable traditions from their Nordic culture to pass down. They made sure our family continued to cook and bathe with organic recipe's that would nurture the health and wellness of their loved ones through the many challenges life would bring. Even in the toughest of times they also lived by the ancient value of the Finnish word 'Sisu' (pronounced 'see - soo'). This powerful word means 'strength' in Finland and is finally becoming more known around the world in the paradigm of positive psychology. With our family-founded business with a 15 year run in our Natural Spa in Southern California, this inspirational word "Sisu" was the perfect match for our natural wellness products which officially launched online for national (USA) sale in 2014. Our family believes that "Sisu" best represents the fortitude of Mother Nature's gifts in our formulas and we stand by their ability to provide the healthiest nontoxic selfcare results.




<~~~~~~*SISUbeauty supports the ARTS! 

3yd generation  Sisubeauty Kayliana performed  at the San Diego Fair!

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