Our 100% Natural Skincare was first developed in 2005 by Natural Graces, the original family-owned naturopathic spa founded in the USA with traditional Scandinavian health and beauty principals. The Finnish word 'SISU' (pronounced 'see - soo') means 'strength' in Finland and represents the fortitude of Mother Nature's gifts in our handcrafted specialty skincare, SISUbeauty. Our products have all pure ingredients from the earth so we feel proud to carry the label '100% natural'! SISUbeauty products guarantee:


*NON-toxic formulas
*NO synthetic preservatives (parabens, EDTA, etc)
*NO colors or dyes

*NO perfumes or synthetic fragrance

*NO urea (animal urine)
*NO gluten (gluten-free)




<~~~~~~*SISUbeauty supports the ARTS! 

Our very own Kayliana performed with the SISUbeauty skincare  promo at the San Diego Fair!