Gloria Clarke & Tami Reeves

 (Natural Spa founders)

About Us


As mother/daughter founders of a naturopathic spa, we have always cherished the ability to bring our Scandinavian (Finnish) family values to our business in a deeply dedicated way. We first opened in 2005 In Oceanside, California as Natural Graces and we still have an ongoing warm relationship with our local community! Our background experience in Health-care, Medical Esthetics and Naturopathy were the building blocks of formulating a health office that combined health therapies with non-toxic beauty treatments to support long term wellness. Our Spa was founded with our Scandinavian family influence of natural handcrafted products for skincare and lifestyle which dates back 4 generations. Due to the popularity of our hand-made natural skincare used in spa services, we officially launched our natural skincare line SISUbeauty in 2014 for national sales. SISU, which means ‘strength of spirit’ in Finnish, has been passed down to inspire each new generation which is what our goal is with SISUbeauty skincare. Our spa is still home base, simply known as the Natural Spa!


Order online or make a spa appointment~  contact:  760-439-4325

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