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What is Sisu?

SISU is Strength of Spirit!

... This ancient Finnish word is finally getting press around the world! The 1st International Day of Sisu was launched in Finland February 28th, 2015 and has continued to grow ever since. We support this movement and will be sharing more in the future to help with 'Inner Strength' awareness. We are Scandinavian-American and we believe Sisu exists in all humankind, but it is something we can develop and nurture more of. Know your Sisu and be Super with Sisu!

*We assigned this Finn word an easy to remember English acronym:

S I S U = Strength In Side Us


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*watch our SISU videos (scroll below)



We lost one of our own to ALS in 2023 so we started "ALS answers" org to help others get the resources and interventions they need to survive longer. Thank you for any amount of support you can give. Donations over $50 will receive an organic lavender spa oil as a gift.


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